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Lucie perfectly balances relaxation and challenge in her yoga classes. By alternating the focus of the class, no two sessions are the same. I feel I can really develop my yoga practice in a personal, pressure-free atmosphere. Lucie will get you hooked on yoga after your very first class.

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Lucie is a great yoga instructor and a lovely woman! I thoroughly enjoyed her class on my Surf Day last year, so much so that I have booked her again this year. I felt relaxed and energised at the same time after the class, I would highly recommend Flow Yoga Wales.

Corinne Evans, Professional Surfer

I have been practicing yoga with Lucie

since October 2015 and am enjoying all

the physical and mental benefits of yoga.  

I have increased my flexibility, strength and confidence. Lucie is an inspiring person

and a fantastic teacher, her classes are always well structured, fun and suitable

for all abilities.  I always look forward to

her sessions and will continue to embrace and improve upon my personal well-being


Since attending Lucie’s yoga classes, yoga has become an essential part of my physical and mental exercise regime. I have enjoyed following online classes as well, but Lucie brings the whole practice to life in an accessible, fun and challenging way. I always leave her sessions feeling stronger in mind and body, and ready to face the world.



Lucie offers an excellent class - varied vinyasa flow making it challenging yet achievable. Lucie is a superb teacher and is gentle in her approach to instructing yet encourages you to explore poses and see how far you're able to go with them. I have found the perfect class finally.






I had actually refrained from Yoga prior to this class, but now I'm hooked. And it is beacuse off the wonderful Yogi Lucie!

I started yoga with Lucie back in May 2015. And haven't stopped since. Lucie is so supportive and helps you explore all different poses. She has helped me so much with my own practise and I wouldn't be where I am without her today. If you want to start yoga. . Come along to one off her classes with a warm welcome from our yoga community.


Lucie has managed to capture the perfect balance in her classes. She appreciates her class is full with different people who choose to be there for different reasons. She manages the class to suit all abilities by adapting postures for advanced students and beginners alike; she has this down to a fine discrete art. I actually had a random conversation with another student at the end of class recently and like a lightbulb moment we agreed the reason behind Lucie's class being so welcoming, comfortable and the best around is quite simply because she listens to her students and she cares about your experience.